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The Flag of the Solar Empire by PilotSolaris The Flag of the Solar Empire by PilotSolaris
EDIT: Added "Griffin Empire" to the Flag list.... :P

Ad A Clarior Futura: (Lat.) Towards a Brighter Future. [link]
Also, fitting music: [link] and [link]

Textless version here: [link]

Woo, the Equestrian Civil War. It's the biggest thing to happen to the Bronydom since the show itself! Well, I've decided to make flags for the two primary factions involved and some other factions as well. This is also my first time using GIMP or any sort of image making program.

Now then, a description of the flag:
The Imperial Flag is designed to give a sense of despair, suffering, and pain, which is why the background colors are orange and red, representing the scorching heat and burning pain of fire. While it does do good, fire often does so in consumption of other things and is also destructive when not needed. The text's color has a duality of meaning: it represents the black ash left behind after the destructive rampage of a wildfire and hints at the Empire's true nature, one of tyranny and despair and favoring the "Brighter future" promised in its motto over the well-being of all its citizens by Princess Celestia, who also may not be all that she seems as well. The font used also puts a futuristic, sci-fi spin to things, representing a future where Equestria has expanded into the stars, and is also called "Elemental End", which could be seen as an appropriate font considering how the Elements of Harmony are absent in the Solar Empire.

I loved how this one came out; for me it's a perfect representation of what the Solar Empire is and what it represents.

The Solar Empire Insignia was done by the amazing :iconemkay-mlp:, go and give her some watches!
Font used, as described above, is "Elemental End", go and download if likey: [link]
Download it as a wallpaper! The only resolution available is 1920x1080, so you'll have to do some re-adjusting if you want it to fit your screen.

The flags of the Factions of Equestria:
Solar Empire: You are here!
New Lunar Republic: [link]
United Confederation of Equestria: [link]
Changeling Swarm: [link]
Order of Chaos: [link]
Griffin Empire: [link]
Crystal Empire: [link]
Sombratic Empire: [link]
Alicorn Twilight: [link]

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic was made for television by the amazing :iconfyre-flye: (AKA Lauren Faust), and is copyright 2010-2013 Hasbro Studios, Studio B, and Media DHX.
The Solar Empire is copyright 2011-2013 I DON'T KNOW HOW THIS ALL STARTED.
Elemental End font is copyright 2010-2013 futuremillenium for noncommercial use only.
The Solar Empire Insignia is copyright 2012-2013 :iconemkay-mlp:
The only thing I can lay copyright to is... well, the background.
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Even more fitting music:…
Riolu9 Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2013  Student Digital Artist
you basically took a transparent image, put a background in and then put in some text.
PilotSolaris Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2013
Actually, yes. But in an inverted order.
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